ACIP Submits Public Comments to USCIS on RFE Templates for O Visa Categories

Federal Register and Comments
ACIP recently submitted public comments on proposed RFE templates for use with O-1A, O-1B and O-2 visa petitions.
ACIP values the efforts of USCIS to produce better quality RFEs when they are issued, but we recommend proactive avoidance on unnecessary RFEs as well. Therefore, ACIP recommends that USCIS:
  • Provide Immigration Services Officers (ISOs) with Proper Guidance Regarding When it is Appropriate to Issue an RFE; and
  • Use Industry Expertise to Provide Training for ISOs with Regard to the Unique Aspects of Extraordinary Ability and Extraordinary Achievement
ACIP provided additional comments to improve the content of the actual RFE templates.
The full comment is attached.

ACIP O RFE Templates Comment.pdf575.95 KB