Fact of the Week: ‘We Have to Create the Immigration System of the Future,’ Says ACIP in Preview of State of the Union

Fact of the Week

​​February 12, 2013

‘We Have to Create the Immigration System of the Future,’ Says ACIP in Preview of State of the Union

ACIP’s Executive Director Lynn Shotwell and Director and Counsel for Legislative Affairs Rebecca Peters discuss the key three high-skilled, employment-based immigration reform priorities they hope President Obama will emphasize in his State of the Union address tonight as well as be echoed by Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) in the Republican response:

  1. Welcoming critical talent that graduate from our U.S. universities and making sure we have enough green cards to eliminate the backlogs and not create new ones;
  2. Providing employers with one secure federal electronic employment verification system; and
  3. Increasing efficiencies through a Trusted Employer program.

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Click here to watch ACIP’s State of the Union preview.

It’s a new world. The time for new employment-based immigration policies is​​​ now.​

Read ACIP’s “Principles for Immigration Reform” here. Learn more about ACIP at www.acip.com.

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