Fact of the Week: America Needs One Seamless Electronic Employment Verification System

Fact of the Week

​ March 20, 2013

America Ne​eds One Seamless Electronic Employment Verification System

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Should Create an Electronic Employment Verification System That Gives U.S. Employers Certainty in H​​iring

U.S. employers need an employment eligibility verification system that:

  • Is one federal system. It is necessary that an employment verification system preempt the growing patchwork of state laws with a uniform system.

  • Is fully integrated and electronic. The employment verification system should integrate the paper Form I-9 into an electronic employment verification system so that U.S. employers only have to complete the process once – rather than the current duplicative system that requires E-Verify users to also fill out the paper form.

  • Prevents identity theft through identity authentication. Employers need a fail-safe system with stronger tools to better combat identity theft and ensure accurate employment authorization.

  • Ensures safe harbor from liability for verification users. Any employment verification system must protect employers from liability when they rely on government approvals of erroneous authorizations.

Learn more about the much needed reforms to the U.S. employment eligibility verification system in the newly released ACIP-SHRM primer, “Navigating the U.S. Employment-based Immigration System.”

It’s a new world.
The time for new employment-based immigration policies is now.

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