Fact of the Week: Government Shutdown Adds Delays to Already Broken Immigration System

Fact of the Week

Government Shutdown Adds Delays to Already Broken I​​mmigrati​on System

Congress Should Take Care of Fiscal Priorities a​nd Move On to Badly Needed Reform

The government shutdown is causing processing delays that are creating greater problems for an already broken immigration system:

  • E-VERIFY SHUT DOWN: E-Verify, the program that helps employers ensure that job candidates are authorized to work, is offline.
  • GREEN CARDS SLOWED: Because the Department of Labor is unable to process labor certifications for green cards, top world talent and employers are left waiting.
  • EMPLOYMENT-BASED VISAS DELAYED: The Department of Labor is also unable to provide wage information that employers need to apply for certain visas. Again, highly educated, foreign-born talent and their employers are left waiting.

U.S. employers need certainty to plan their workforce needs so that they can continue to innovate, grow the economy and create American jobs.

Inefficiencies and backlogs in the current system are harmful enough. The government shutdown is making it worse – and delaying lawmakers from turning their attention to immigration reform.

We urge Congress to deal with fiscal priorities and get to the business of fixing America’s broken immigration system.

Congress: Help Spur U.S. Growth & I​​nnovation – Reform the U.S. Immigration System Now.

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