Fact of the Week: H-1B Cap Hit: Lottery Begins, U.S. Economic Growth Left to Chance

Fact of the Week

​ April 5, 2013

H-1B​​​ Cap Hit: Lottery Begins

​U.S. Economic Growth Left to Chance 

FY 2014 H-1B Visa Lottery Is Key Indicator that Reform is Overdue

  • USCIS announced today, just five days after the start of the filing period, that the H-1B visa cap for FY 2014 has been reached, prompting a random drawing to determine who receives a visa.

  • The good news is that higher demand for H-1B visas is commonly associated with a stronger economy.

  • The bad news is that a lottery, not U.S. employers, will now decide which of the world’s best and brightest are able to help grow the U.S. economy and create jobs.

  • U.S. employers need certainty and predictability – and they can’t leave their workforces to chance.

It’s a new world. The time for new employment-based immigration policies is now.

Learn more about the much-needed reforms to the U.S. employment-based immigration system in the newly released ACIP-SHRM primer, “Navigating the U.S. Employment-based Immigration System.”

As strategic affiliates, the American Council on International Personnel (ACIP) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) help advance U.S. growth, innovation and job creation by supporting employers and their employees as they navigate the most pressing workforce and talent management issues, which includes reform of the U.S. immigration system. Learn more about ACIP at www.acip.com. Learn more about SHRM at www.shrm.org.




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