Fact of the Week: Improving E-Verify to Help End Identity Theft

Fact of the Week

​​ November 14, 2013

Improving E-Verify to Help End Identity​​ Theft

Knowledge-Based Authentication Protects Against Identity Theft

Across the country, employers are successfully using the E-Verify program to determine whether the identity presented by potential employees is work authorized or not. But under the current program, employers have no way of checking that the documents presented actually belong to the individual presenting them. This opens the door to identity theft using stolen, but authentic, documents.

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Knowledg​e-Based Authentication (KBA) will address this concern by providing certainty to employers to better connect the person to the identity.

  • ​KBA uses information that already exists in private and government databases to create questions specific to the potential employee.

  • These questions relate to the person’s life, such as county of birth, to connect the person to the identity presented.

  • KBA helps determine whether the person presenting the documents owns the identity presented, not simply whether the identity presented on the document is a genuine identity.

Support Knowledg​e-Based Authentication – Give Employers the Tools They Need to Help Stop Identity Theft in the Workplace.

Learn more about Employment Verification here and click here to learn more about other immigration solutions that ensure employers have access to the highly educated, foreign-born professionals they need to keep America’s economy strong and growing.

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