Fact of the Week: Isn’t It Time for a Fully Electronic Employment Verification System?

Fact of the Week

​​ May 8, 2013

Isn’t It Tim​e for a Fully Electronic Employment Verification System?

Employers Need an Accu​rate, Easy-to-Use Modern System

  • The New P​aper I-9 Cannot Stop Identity Fraud:
    Yesterday, a new version of Form I-9 – the required form that all employers must fill out to verify the work authorization of each new hire – became mandatory. Employers will spend many hours understanding and integrating the new form into their onboarding procedures. While the new Form I-9collects some additional information, it does not solve the fundamental problem of identity authentication.

  • ​​Even Employers Enrolled in E-Verify​ Must Complete the Paper I-9:
    It is time we eliminate the multi-step employment verification process and move to one easy-to-use fully electronic system.

With comprehensive immigration reform proposing mandatory verification, isn’t it time for a fully integrated electronic employment verification system that keeps pace with modern business p​ractices? ​

Learn more about this and the other solutions ACIP and SHRM propose for making employment verification work for U.S. employers and employees, including protecting against identity theft.

It’s a new world.

The time for new employment-based immigration policies is now.

L​earn more about the much-needed reforms to the U.S. employment-based immigration system in the ACIP-SHRM primer, “Navigating the U.S. Employment-based Immigration System.”

As strategic affiliates, the American Council on International Personnel (ACIP) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) help advance U.S. growth, innovation and job creation by supporting employers and their employees as they navigate the most pressing workforce and talent management issues, which includes reform of the U.S. immigration system. Learn more about ACIP at www.acip.com. Learn more about SHRM at www.shrm.org.




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