Fact of the Week: Senate Immigration Bill Leaves Americans Open to Identity Theft

Fact of the Week

​​June 13, 2013 ​

Senate Immigrati​​on Bill Leaves Americans Open to Identity Theft


Mandating E-Verify and Photo Tool Is Not Enough to Stop Identity Theft for Work Authorization; Reform Must Include Knowledge-based Authentication

  • America’s current employment verification system is vulnerable to identity theft because at no time in the process does the employee have to demonstrate that the identity they present to the employer actually belongs to them – encouraging unauthorized workers to steal identities from Americans and authorized workers to get jobs.

  • Provisions in the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act(S. 744) would mandate use of the E-Verify system and a USCIS “photo tool,” but neither of these fight the identity theft incentive because they do not prevent the use of real documents that do not belong to the person presenting them.

  • By delaying and limiting a knowledge-based authentication (KBA) system to accurately and reliably authenticate identity, the Senate immigration bill continues to leave the system open to identity theft – which leaves Americans vulnerable to having their identities stolen.

  • The Senate can help protect Americans from identity theft and give U.S. employers the right tools by expediting the development of a knowledge-based authentication system and providing employers with the option of using knowledge-based authentication with every new employee in S. 744.

  • KBA would authenticate identity, and thus block theft, by asking a prospective employee questions they should know based on information available from government and public databases.

We urge the Senate to amend S. 744 to include a KBA option.

We commend the House for including a KBA pilot in H.R. 1772 and urge its inclusion as an option in any comprehensive House bill.

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