HR Pros: “E-Verify Needs to Authenticate Identity Accurately”

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​​HR Pros: “E-V​​erify Needs to Authenticate Identity Accurately”

March 26, 2014

An overwhelming 95 percent of HR professionals cite authenticating the identity of new hires as a key, needed improvement to the current E-Verify system, showing that workplace identity theft remains a clear concern for employers.
That’s because while E-Verify can tell HR professionals that a new hire is presenting a valid identity, it has no way to connect that identity to the employee. There is a solution. Knowledge-Based Authentication, for example, would enable employers to determine to a high degree of accuracy that the person presenting employment documents is in fact the person who owns the identity and is authorized to work in the United States.
SHRM and Council members were on Capitol Hill last week, urging Congress to pass bipartisan immigration reform this year that includes an identity authentication option to the E-Verify system. Read more about what HR pros think of E-Verify in the SHRM survey released last week.
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