HR & Legal Experts Say: H-1B Cap Hit! — Green Card Backlogs Add to the Problem

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​​​H-1B Cap Hit! - Green Card Backlogs​ Add to the Problem

April 8, 2014

No one is surprised that the H-1B visa cap for FY2015 was reached yesterday, merely five days after the start of filing season. Once again, U.S. employers and the entire U.S. economy are taking a hit, as high-skilled immigrants who contribute to economic growth are shut out by an immigration system that needs reform.

Of course, the H-1B visa cap isn’t the only concern. The employment-based green card system exacerbates the problem, with backlogs and waits of up to 10 years or more for those professionals from high demand countries. Scientists, engineers and other professionals – workers who could and should be generating growth and jobs for Americans – will have to wait until today’s preschoolers graduate from college to receive a green card.

It is time to fix our immigration system – a system that currently penalizes foreign-born talent with arbitrary caps and backlogs and stunts economic growth. H-1B caps and green card backlogs are just two reasons why employers urge Congress to pass bipartisan reform this year.

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