Immigration Processing Needs Efficiency

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​​ November 7, 2013

Immigration Processing Needs Ef​​ficiency

Trusted Employer Wo​​uld Save Resources, Improve Efficiency and Maintain Security

The p​​roblem: 

Under the current system, U.S. employers are required to submit much of the same documentation (i.e., company description, organizational structure, finances and recurring job classifications) every time they submit a petition for a foreign-born worker, regardless of how many times they have submitted that same documentation with past petitions. This inefficiency adds to a costly backlog of paperwork for the U.S. government and employers.

The solution: Trusted Employer.

  • Open to employers of all sizes and across all sectors that file multiple immigration petitions.
  • Employers must have a reliable track record of immigration law compliance to qualify.
  • Qualified employers register, enroll and create information records with immigration agencies.
  • Registered information is only updated by employers as it changes, not with every petition.
Trusted Employer would enable the U.S. government to process caseloads more efficiently and redirect resources towards other areas of concern, while saving U.S. employers from unnecessary expense and delays, enabling them to focus more on job creation. It would also help America compete with other nations, such as the United Kingdom, Sweden and Australia, which have created similar efficiencies and are working to give employers better access to global talent.

Immigration Benefits All A​mericans – Reform the U.S. Immigration System Now.

Learn more about Trusted Employer here and click here to learn more about other immigration solutions that ensure employers have access to the highly educated, foreign-born professionals they need to keep America’s economy strong and growing.

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