Support for NEVA (H.R. 2028)

Letters to Congress

​​ April 23, 2009

Dear Representative:
On behalf of the HR Initiative for a Legal Workforce, we are writing to urge your support for the New Employee Verification Act (H.R. 2028), critical legislation that will transform America’s employment verification system and help prevent unauthorized workers from obtaining jobs in the United States.  The New Employee Verification Act, introduced by Representatives Sam Johnson (R-TX) and Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), is a common sense bill that should be enacted with your support this year.
America’s employment verification process is in desperate need of repair.  Congressional inaction on immigration reform has led to states and cities across the country moving forward with their own regulations, creating a growing patchwork of conflicting laws rather than one national policy.  And the system that most are requiring employers to use – the federal government’s E-Verify system – was not established to handle a massive influx of users.  Further, E-Verify’s significant error rate and reliance on paper-based identity documents often deny legal workers employment and can lead to fraud and identify theft.  Employers, in turn, are left vulnerable to sanctions through no fault of their own.
The New Employee Verification Act offers a solution.  The bill would create an entirely electronic process based on the “new hire” system that is already used by 90 percent of U.S. employers.  The new system will prevent identity theft and ensure a fair, efficient and secure verification process and could eliminate virtually all unauthorized employment – thereby taking away a huge incentive for illegal immigration.
For more information and statistics about employment verification and the New Employee Verification Act, we encourage you to visit the HR Initiative’s website at​.
With E-Verify set to expire in September 2009, it’s time for Congress to create an employment verification system that works.  We urge you to support and enact without delay H.R. 2028, the New Employee Verification Act.
American Council on International Personnel
Food Marketing Institute
HR Policy Association
National Association of Manufacturers
National Franchisee Association
Society for Human Resource Management​



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