Principles for Reform

The world of work is rapidly evolving, but U.S. immigration laws have not kept pace. Our employment based immigration system is misaligned with today’s business realities – harming employers and employees alike. American employers have lost opportunities to grow, reducing opportunity to produce new jobs for U.S. workers and increasing opportunity for global competitors to hire U.S.-educated talent.

To compete in the modern workplace, America must get immigration right. This is especially true for the highest skilled professionals – those most sought after to fill skills gaps and generate the next waves of innovation. We must take action. CFGI stands ready to provide solutions that will shape the 21st Century immigration system – one that fuels growth, protects and invests in the American workforce and responds to future changes that affect the world of work.

For America’s employers and employees to compete and win in the global economy, we call on policymakers to create an employment-based immigration system that is:

Fair: To adopt policies that protect and develop the U.S. workforce, policymakers should:

  • Prioritize visas for employers who are growing the U.S. workforce and investing in the education and training of U.S. employees.
  • Partner with employers to enact fair recruitment policies that are clear, transparent and effective – providing employer safe harbors for good actors.
  • Enforce existing immigration laws against bad actors, not employers acting in good faith.

Innovative: To provide solutions that increase system effectiveness and predictability, policymakers should:

  • Enact a Trusted Employer program that creates efficiencies for low-risk, immigration-compliant employers and saves resources for top government priorities.
  • Provide a reliable, national and entirely electronic employment verification system with state-of-the-art tools to accurately authenticate identity to hire a legal workforce, including a safe harbor for good faith users.
  • Control fees and use them to improve immigration services and strengthen the U.S. talent pipeline.

Competitive: To create and boost U.S. economic growth and innovation, policymakers should:

  • Recognize employers are best positioned to determine their skills and workforce needs – now and in the future.
  • Provide a market-based green card cap and critical exemptions for U.S. STEM advanced degrees and dependents, while eliminating backlogs and per country limits.
  • Provide enough visas for employers to recruit, hire, transfer and retain the best talent. 
Approved by CFGI Board on November 16, 2016

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