Principles for Reform

​America's economy depends on a workforce that can compete in an increasingly complex and interconnected global marketplace. This requires an employment-based immigration system that advances employers' ability to recruit, hire, transfer and retain the best world talent that complements America's workforce. Unfortunately, the current system fails U.S. employers at every turn – thwarting innovation, slowing economic growth and hurting American workers. The current immigration system is simply incompatible with the way the technology-enabled world functions. As a result, the system has become largely ineffective and inhibits, rather than enables, America's businesses and workers.

Congress must confront this challenge head on. Employers will continue to urge elected representatives to pass immigration reform that supports current business realities and is responsive to changes in the marketplace.

U.S. employers know best how to build and manage their workforces and create products and services that the American public, and the entire world, are eager to buy. These employers have identified a series of practical solutions to reform our employment-based immigration system. To enable American businesses to benefit from the highly educated and highly qualified workforce required to compete in today's world, the United States needs an employment-based immigration system that:

  • Rewards compliant employers with a "Trusted Employer" program that speeds up outdated bureaucratic processes and improves both consistency and predictability in the application process, saving resources for both the government and employers.

  • Provides employers with reliable, accurate and easily accessible tools to ensure a legal workforce, by modernizing the E-Verify system, eliminating the obsolete paper Form I-9, using state-of-the-art technology to accurately authenticate workers' identity to safeguard against identity theft, and providing a safe harbor for employers who use the system in good faith.

  • Increases the pipeline for green card availability by eliminating excessive backlogs and per-country limits, providing critical worker exemptions to the quota and implementing a market-based cap.

  • Ensures employers have the ability to recruit, hire, transfer and retain high-skilled foreign national professionals, especially those educated and trained in America, through modernized policies that meet business realities, grow business and create jobs.

  • Enforces existing immigration laws by penalizing and sanctioning intentional bad actors without overburdening employers who act in good faith.​​

  • Controls fees imposed on employers and ensures that those fees are allocated to improve immigration services and competitiveness (such as by improving visa processing and expanding the domestic worker pipeline by providing grants related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics [STEM] education programs).

U.S. employers stand ready to work in partnership with Congress and the president to enact a modern immigration system that helps our country compete and benefits all Americans.

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